A Privilege to be Used

Have you ever wondered why it is that we find ourselves in the daily situations and circumstances that we do?

There are a number of answers to that question but one answer is that we are used by God as vessels to bring salvation to others as well as presenting situations before Him. What an exciting thought – to be used by the almighty Father! Is it possible the Lord would need to use us as ‘agents’ here on earth? Well, yes it is!

We find ourselves in many different situations throughout our day – just think about that. Reflect on your day today…. How many people did you interact with?….how many meetings were you in?…. how many instructions did you give out?…how much advice did you share?….how many people did you help?

All the above situations are necessary in our lives but in terms of our eternal life – how important are they?

Worldly duties are important but spiritual duties will earn us eternal rewards which will last forever and ever and ever….. There is a story of a man who passed on from this world and when he sat with the Lord, he was asked what he had achieved in his life on earth. The man proudly told the Lord of all his business achievements and qualifications as well as how many times he went to church etc. The Lord replied…you achieved all those things down there? And proceeded to point to an earth which was totally engulfed in flames!

When we allow our worldly duties to engulf us, we become blind to the work of the Lord. Because our emotions are running high we lose sight of God’s purpose on this earth and we can only think about our own situations.

The Lord asks us to pray for others.Salvation

God will very often place it into our hearts to pray for a person’s salvation . Because of His word, God is bound to do all things according to a prescribed pattern.

Always bear in mind, that if God places people into our minds, we are to pray for their salvation.  If unsaved friends and loved one’s are experiencing real difficulties, we shouldn’t pray for God to free them from the troubles, but rather to pray for their salvation and for God’s will to be done in those circumstances.  God will often allow the difficulties in order to bring people to salvation (this obviously does not apply to one that is already saved).

We can now see how important it is for us to remain as ‘free’ as possible during our day so that as the Lord asks us to pray for others or to intercede in a particular situation, we are ready and able. Interesting to note that our prayers stand before God as a memorial for all time. See the scripture. He gazes upon our prayers!

It is a great privilege to be used by the Lord. One day we will sit with Him and He will show us just how many souls came to know Him as a result of our prayers. We can be the hands and eyes of the Lord through the course of our day.

When you go out tomorrow see the world through God’s eyes and be led by His Spirit to pray for people who come across your path as well as the circumstances you find yourself in.  Did you ever consider praying for that beggar at the traffic light? If you don’t pray for him – who will? Did you ever consider praying for God’s will to be done in your next meeting instead of what you want?

These are simple but effective tasks which make our walk with the Lord more practical and allow His will to be done on earth. You need to be part of this privileged people

From: “time with the Master…”

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