Kingdom Business or Business in the Kingdom?

Today’s business market is extremely competitive. I don’t think there has ever been a time in our history when all aspects of business need to be so well honed in order to merely stay ‘afloat’.

 We believe, by faith, that God can do anything. Can we trust Him to help us take our businesses to a level where He can freely bless us?

In reality, what is our personal motivation for God to help us in our businesses? Are we seeking to have a business where we would like God to be a partner with us – a business where we can bless the less fortunate through proceeds? – A business we can use as a vehicle to share the Gospel with others?  There is nothing wrong if we have answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions.

 The question today is: Kingdom Business or Business in the Kingdom?

 Let’s start by looking at some scripture:

  • Jesus said that He is the vine and we are the branches and that apart from Him, we can do nothing. He says that if we want to bear good testimony to Him in our daily lives, we need to abide in Him, and He in us. We need to be spending time with Him in prayer, in His word and with other believers. (Spending time with other believers for fellowship and encouragement – not for times of criticizing and judging one another)!
  • Paul tells us that those who are sensitive to, and obey, the Holy Spirit, are His children. Again, we need to spend time with Him if we want to learn how to hear Him through His Spirit. We learn His character through reading the word, meaningful fellowship and prayer (in our closets).
  • Jesus says that we will be able to recognize believers by their actions. Our actions reflect the depth of our relationship with the Lord.

 A person, who does not know the Lord and owns a business, will pass on his character through that business. The following ‘fruit’ normally categorizes business in the world without God:

  • 100% self-centered
  • Not Caring about Staff/Suppliers/Customers
  • Profit at any cost

After the Lord has touched a repentant heart, change begins to take place in the business owner. When the first part of the salvation process, ‘sight’, has come to the individual, they become enlightened about the things of God and their personal sinful nature. However, at this point they have not ‘entered’ into the Kingdom of God.

This business owner has a business, which we will call “As Long As Agencies Inc.”. Some ‘fruit’ of this business would be:

  • Pay Staff fairly (Min Wage) – AS LONG AS it’s comfortable
  • Fair Exchange of Value – AS LONG AS it’s comfortable
  • Give resources to Kingdom work – AS LONG AS it’s comfortable

However, once the second part of the born again process takes place – being born of water and of the Spirit then true entry into the Kingdom of God takes place. At that point, the repentant heart realizes their old nature has died with Jesus on the cross and they now start to operate from the new heart of Jesus.

This business owner has a business, which we will call “As Led by the Lord Realties Inc.”. Some of the ‘fruit’ of this business would be as follows:

  • Pay Staff fairly –  AS LORD LEADS
  • Fair Exchange of Value –  AS LORD LEADS
  • Give resources to Kingdom Work –  AS LORD LEADS
  • This business will go over and above to make sure Godly principles apply throughout.

If we use as the Kingdom ruler to measure business success, this is what we will see:

  • Worldly business is not involved at all in sharing the Gospel and making disciples.
  • “As Long As Agencies Inc.” is involved in sharing the Gospel and making disciples as long as it is comfortable for the business.
  • “As Led by the Lord Realties Inc.” is completely committed to making sure ALL aspects of the business operate according to Godly principles. Sharing the Gospel and making disciples will be a ‘fruit’ thereof.

Therefore, Kingdom business and business in the Kingdom is the same thing – one is not possible without the other. Jesus said that apart from Him we cannot do anything. We are transformed from our old nature to our new nature in Christ, on a daily basis. As this happens, the fruit displayed in our lives is more reflective of the Lord. If we are business owners, then this fruit is carried down through all aspects of our business.

From: “..time with the Master…”

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